vallicei Пре 11 сати
Idk what you’re comparing the car to in your head. The sport gt model is a flawless car and honestly I have not many complaints about mine. Sure it might not be as flawless as a v series Cadillac or something but in comparison to a lot of foreigns it’s a well designed car..
OneFastDuster Пре 11 сати
I remember when this car was announced for production and my buddy calling me on the phone freaking out and stuttering "You won't believe this car they are going to build!" I went over to his house and he had a picture of it on his Amiga computer.
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira Пре 11 сати
GM cars had heads up display in 1999.
Ɗɾσ𐌶ҽყ Пре 11 сати
Cars and bids 💩 💩 💩
Sébastien Powerbleuet
Sébastien Powerbleuet Пре 11 сати
The guy pissed in his shorts. We see it at 2:36. AHAHAHA !!!
James M
James M Пре 11 сати
Straight pavement princess. That thing has never been off-road. All that capability is wasted.
Massik ὕβρις
Massik ὕβρις Пре 11 сати
car of my all dreams...
Killerspieler0815 Пре 11 сати
@ Doug DeMuro - This light warning singal sounds like a self destruct warning.
Eggomania86 Пре 11 сати
There's a car you won't find at Jay Leno's garage.
Dave Henderson
Dave Henderson Пре 11 сати
This car is grossly over priced.
Dante M
Dante M Пре 11 сати
I'm shocked that Doug gave this a 7/10 for styling.
Chris Mac
Chris Mac Пре 11 сати
The outside socket are for Hydraulick TOOLs not electrick power sockets The UNImog U500 has al automatic & sequentiel gearbox The gear clicking alarm is because he was TO fast losing his clutch The hanging tyre is a mirror heating The button with up & down piles is for fast forward a rearword shifting without the cluch in automatic In the gear shifter handle is a a nutrual & automatic switch Left of the tyre "in & DE flater"-switch is a selector knob for inflating front axel, rear axle or ALL tyres together up or down in pressure The switch with the "n" in is to engage the RPM selector togetherwith Your Cruise & limiter switch Left of that is the PTO engage switch for Your external power tools In the gear selector box is a door to Imergency Problem gear solutions. The buttons on the side of the display is get inside the Truck menu for service info's & language changes
Garret Sterling
Garret Sterling Пре 11 сати
Great video per usual 👌
It aint Ralph tho.
It aint Ralph tho. Пре 11 сати
Camel toe grill🤣
Meetch Пре 11 сати
Congratulations on 4 million subscribers!! Amazing to see how far you’ve come
Ryan Barnard
Ryan Barnard Пре 11 сати
Not my cup of tea at all. They have gotten so big and unattractive. Prefer the early models and the smaller models all day. Thanks Doug for your reviews as always.
Omar McLemore
Omar McLemore Пре 11 сати
When I was a kid my mom took us to Europe for a vacation, but my dad didn’t go. I thought it was really weird but when we got back, my dad had remodeled the house and bought my mom a black that I’m almost 30 my mom told me she took us on that trip to get us away from my dad because she was going to divorce him if he didn’t “get his act together” by the time we got back. The car and remodel were I guess gestures of goodwill...they’re still together today But that car was badass
John Hernandez
John Hernandez Пре 11 сати
4:45 go to hell
Ballboy Batson
Ballboy Batson Пре 11 сати
It's both right and wrong to criticize Doug for his big mistakes about cup holders and buttons. He should know better, but the point is the features are very confusing unless you read a manual which most don't want to do especially with a rental. Unintentionally he is dramatizing two flaws in the design.
Jeff Driscoll
Jeff Driscoll Пре 11 сати
The storage compartment to the left of the steering wheel is for your gun
Builder Пре 11 сати
Doug! In a hard right curve in pounding rain, my front left tire blew out at 90 Km/H in a CX GTI. The car stayed its course without even a quiver! The steering wheel didn't even have a wobble. In any other car, I would have gotten launched off the road, with likely multiple rolls ending in some obstacle! I had 6 of these.. It was so superior in so many ways, there was absolutely no point to get a Mercedes or BMW instead. The stuff you're getting tweaked out over, you don't even notice anymore after 3 months of driving it. And against its reputation, I never had much stuff break just ordinary things like starter motor dying etc.
instant Пре 11 сати
You wont be looking under the hood of a Lexus car that often anyway...
bryanxle Пре 11 сати
I really hate the front end
Internet Gold Miner
Internet Gold Miner Пре 11 сати
Seats were Recaro best seats of the day .. Might even say of today also. Come on if your going to do a review do your homework guy.
Wunder King
Wunder King Пре 11 сати
Put on some pants lad
Philip Larsen
Philip Larsen Пре 11 сати
Yugo rules. Check the video where yugo was stay 15years in arizona desert and it started ... engine didn't stuck
andrew100z Пре 11 сати
still using gas huh? Telsa track car would decimate this piece of turd
Carlos De La Cadiz
Carlos De La Cadiz Пре 11 сати
Wire wheels look good.
Andrew Fernandez
Andrew Fernandez Пре 11 сати
Never thought I'd be I'm the market for a Porsche
Donald Austin
Donald Austin Пре 11 сати
The rear wing makes sense. I am a fan of endurance racing, and I've noticed at events like the 24-Hours of Le Mans, 24-Hours of Daytona - ANY IMSA or WEC race, the brackets are on top is of the wing. The undisturbed air adding downforce is brilliant, and now it all makes much more sense.
Chris Mac
Chris Mac Пре 11 сати
Was er geen andere SNUL, om deze te verkopen ? weet maar half waar hij over praat,
The Graceful Savage
The Graceful Savage Пре 11 сати
for all the things that save 10 or 20 lbs..... a 10 lb weight savings is actually a LOT. so yea, 20 lb less on the battery is a pretty substantial weight saving.
菅本マガザキ Пре 11 сати
“haha soviet funi lulz america is #1” The fuck happened here Doug? Red scare got to you half a century later?
Muney Jordan23
Muney Jordan23 Пре 11 сати
So flashy
DG Productions
DG Productions Пре 11 сати
718 GT4 or 992 GT3?
Gérard Cousineau
Gérard Cousineau Пре 11 сати
With taxes this baby is over 200,000.00$ U.S. I just checked my savings. 🤔 Actually compared to a Bugatti it's not too bad. 😃
The Graceful Savage
The Graceful Savage Пре 11 сати
this porsches 16" brakes are bigger than the 13" rims on my daily driver. so much brake.
Jonathan Kulesa
Jonathan Kulesa Пре 11 сати
13:12 Ooooooooh, anyone else see that scratch on the door handle?... 😧
Tommy Vo
Tommy Vo Пре 11 сати
More hardware more weights
Megan Burgasser
Megan Burgasser Пре 11 сати
I love this car
Derek Williams
Derek Williams Пре 11 сати
I thought it was a truck in the thumbnail.
Christian Cardenas
Christian Cardenas Пре 11 сати
I hope you've seen your gangsters paradise vid on this
Joseph Blackmon
Joseph Blackmon Пре 11 сати
Man I love his reviews on cars 😂 I love how he describes something and says it’s massive
Christian Llerena
Christian Llerena Пре 11 сати
That lambo sounds like a McDonald’s
Rex Thrasher
Rex Thrasher Пре 11 сати
Remove the Plastic 4.0... Remove the Porsche tramp stamp in the back. Hand Paint on the GT3 in optional colors to save weight and show some form of craftmanship. Remove the door handles and put them in the lower mirror release or a button on the mirror pillar. Add view of the Trunk and Engine. Reshape the lower front skirts to wrap around into the wheel wells. and Fire your entire design team. Make the PDK shifter and Inch Shorter.. might save you 1lb of excrement and charge $100 for a acid shark blue insert between the boot and knob. Porsche Logo on Paddle shifters left and right side. More cup holders make the car faster. Horse logo replacing the GT3 Tramp stamp in the center gage. Matching Air Vent adjusters dipped shark acid leprechaun sex slave blue to match $500 option. Move drive mode dial near the center cluster of cages like a boost gauge or to the left side of the steering wheel. driving should be the only music. remove the pillar plastic crap and the one gage... Replace the next song buttons with 1 switch up or down or two both down like my women.. Acid ass cheese blue door grips and handles or Porsche Colors matching brand logo left and right side. remove clock. add scree for left and right merged window view. time to grow up, no one needs a clock in a car. Subtle Matching Blue peddles $200 option swirl or dipped effect
Scott Delinger
Scott Delinger Пре 11 сати
The Volga Gaz 11-24 for whatever) isn’t in the ten worst?!
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher Пре 11 сати
I love the car but what I love even more is how utterly perplexed Doug seems about the Spirit of Ecstasy. "It appears to be a woman, with... wings."
VxNoVaa kun
VxNoVaa kun Пре 11 сати
This video in a nutshell, "Hey guys i know 500h is not much for $160k+ but trust me is fast...and light"
ChannelLyoko Пре 11 сати
The increasing use of subtle cars and bids drops with a crazy hyper car is sooooooo unfair
Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner Пре 11 сати
The second row sunroof was first used, for the Kia Sedona at least, in the 2015 model. Around the same time, I think is was Dodge that even added a third row sunroof.
TheFaldoran Пре 11 сати
I think the door buttons are that way as it was likely assumed that someone would be opening the door for you. They would be facing the rear of the car, so it makes sense they would use their left hand.
ExMachina70 Пре 11 сати
I searched your videos to literally find this car again.
Holden Ivy
Holden Ivy Пре 11 сати
I want to plug my refrigerator in there
yes I love hellcat no I can't afford it
yes I love hellcat no I can't afford it Пре 11 сати
doug is really tall good damn
CaptPiskis Пре 11 сати
Does anybody knows if you can remove the wing?, thanks!
StalkerGtfo Пре 12 сати
Why does the frunk need TWO vents of airflow?
Haztekk Music
Haztekk Music Пре 12 сати
This car hands down has more clout than the mazda when you drive it around. I like the MX5's styling better but that's subjective.
Papillon Пре 12 сати
How many times he said "weird", its pretty annoying.. I would say typical American. This car is by any means special, especially for people that drove it.
Fast4SloW 717
Fast4SloW 717 Пре 12 сати
If I hit that Powerball ticket for 500 mill I would treat myself to one .
Zoran Gajic
Zoran Gajic Пре 12 сати
Shit man, you can yap
Maburwane Johannes
Maburwane Johannes Пре 12 сати
Lol some people took this way personal 😅
Eric Larson
Eric Larson Пре 12 сати
Quentin Tarantino's little brother loved HotWheels... now he's grown up...
Yellow Backpack Guy
Yellow Backpack Guy Пре 12 сати
I mean it went down the Porsche assembly line but it was 99% Mercedes-Benz parts.
CZ Period
CZ Period Пре 12 сати
I keep wondering if I can fit in one of these (6'8, 38 inch inseam)
Tim _BBQ
Tim _BBQ Пре 12 сати
A lot of those features were available on '60's American cars...just saying
Markus Reschny
Markus Reschny Пре 12 сати
More like $312,000. Awesome.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Пре 12 сати
It's like the world is ending 😂👌 perfect
StalkerGtfo Пре 12 сати
Damn Doug, how daring of you to rev it up to 1900 rpm for that sound test!
Alan Slimak
Alan Slimak Пре 12 сати
Let's let Richard Hammond test drive it! =)
Michael Piazza
Michael Piazza Пре 12 сати
One week ago Doug : Black wheels are dead! Today Doug : Thhhhiiiiisssss is the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3!
Jason Lurf
Jason Lurf Пре 12 сати
The one thing I remember from watching an old review of the Unimog was the steering wheel could be slid left or right. I thought it was the smartest engineering ever.
dr Arsla74
dr Arsla74 Пре 12 сати
yugo is cheap in Serbia .. max 500$ full repair with all new parts.. 200 $ we love it..
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey Пре 12 сати
I just love it cuz its called SS
Ray Voelker
Ray Voelker Пре 12 сати
Everything you just described is why I love my 1st generation Viper.
The One Above All
The One Above All Пре 12 сати
So this car arrived in the UK and US on the same day
rich gallagher
rich gallagher Пре 12 сати
Amazing what they’ll do to save 5lbs here, 10lbs there. Why don’t they drop an LS7 in it, that would probably save a whopping 75lbs right there. Yes, the 7 liter, 16 valve V8 is at least that much lighter, and takes up less space than the quad cam, 24 valve 4 liter six.
Keithan KayT
Keithan KayT Пре 12 сати
I thought he said the Mclaren F1 was the greatest car thats ever made. go watch his video it literally says the greatest car ever on the title.
Moss Пре 12 сати
Perfect zombie apocalypse vehicle
Ali Пре 12 сати
Manual option(:
yappatalk Пре 12 сати
All the super suv manufacturers are panicking