The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

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Doug DeMuro

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The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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Videotubelord Пре 4 минута
"first aid kit" is in America, this one was called "medicine chest". Problem with these was that they where mostly expired. Various first aid kits in todays western world look very similar, perhaps not in american car though. Doug, you looked very silly laughing at it.
M. G. Max
M. G. Max Пре 16 минута
Quirky or not, I find this car strikingly beautiful.
Steve Randall
Steve Randall Пре 24 минута
The short strap between the hood and the firewall isn't cloth, it's an electrical grounding strap.
Adam Ruminski
Adam Ruminski Пре 57 минута
This is the most ignorant video I've seen ever. Totally agree this car is crap but he could at least Google few russian words so he could understand first aid items. He could also try to understand why this car has such a bizzare features or explain to audience so it would be some informative. Now it is just laugh of some moron who has no clue about cars. It shows how little knowledge or willing to understand other part of the world Americans have.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Пре сат
You have to show some respect, no need to make comedy show!
MADMAX Пре сат
The pills are charcoal. They were a must for stomach problems and most kind of poisoning.
MADMAX Пре сат
mind you, it was known as one of the BETTER build, high end cars.
Robert Woolley
Robert Woolley Пре 2 сата
I'm 50. My first car was a 1972 Renault 5. The GAZ interior is a very logical 1970s one
Tiger Skys
Tiger Skys Пре 4 сата
What a disappointment. The review, not the car. An insult really - low on facts and understanding on what Russia was going through at the time. Never disliked a video in my life but this one. As for the car, it sounds like a lot were chauffeur driven - maybe that’s why it’s more roomy in the back. First-aid kit makes sense when things don’t go according to plan in the middle of nowhere. Big trunk - cool. It was dated back then but actually it’s not a bad looking car.
Nakitu Mizajashi
Nakitu Mizajashi Пре 4 сата
So, you take a car that was first introduced in the 70s, pick one that was manufactured in the late 80s, casually mention that government was not "approving" updates, and then laugh about how in this late 80s car everything is like from 70s. I can't wait to see Model T review from this guy...
tricosteryl Пре 4 сата
Despite reviewing Nice cars, Commentary is often stupid... Sadly. Laughing at things you dont know or do not understand does not makes you appearing as an intelligent or educated person.
parsia1363 Пре 5 сати
Watched this late at night and woke my wife up laughing out loud. Also please tell me I’m not the only one who has been singing “Rasputin” since the start of this video
tricosteryl Пре 5 сати
This car was not a luxury car. It was a car for big families, engineers, managers. It was very reliable. It would be much fair to compare it to other cars from the 70s. It was really close to the european standards of the 70s. The main "bad" point is that the volume available for passengers is very small compared to the size of the vehicule. Also you when evaluating a machine, you may refer to the context and conditions it was built for. Even now in ex USSR countries, many roads are poor due to climate aggressions. By the 2000's I spent a lot of time in Ukraine, and I saw weird things, such as truck leaving a trail in the macadam during a heavy rain. The road ribbon was also slightly sliding on the right or on the left as the truck rolled. In such countries you will prefer a sturdy and reliable car than a fast and high end vehicule, because of continental climate and road conditions. I guess this is the same in the USA in the center states with hard climate conditions.. It is a pity they were forced to produced it for so long because of economics and politics. But car building is not a hi tech industry, the only problem is to have a high production efficiency. So we can understand that car industry was not a priority in the 80s and 90s.
I could love this car as much as my 1990 suburban,same technology!
Johnny Ruiz
Johnny Ruiz Пре 5 сати
The strap on the hood is a ground strap. Probably mostly used to complete the circuit for the light attached to it.
Tim Watson
Tim Watson Пре 6 сати
..You are really over the top in its shortcomings, and yes it is a 1988 car, but the features are similar ( with exception of the rear seat belts ) of a later 60's early 70's low end American car... I lived through it, it wasn't THAT hilarious, it was all we had at the time.
Karolis R.
Karolis R. Пре 8 сати
Looking forward for LADA NIVA review :))
Eggomania86 Пре 10 сати
There's a car you won't find at Jay Leno's garage.
Wunder King
Wunder King Пре 10 сати
Put on some pants lad
菅本マガザキ Пре 10 сати
“haha soviet funi lulz america is #1” The fuck happened here Doug? Red scare got to you half a century later?
Tim _BBQ
Tim _BBQ Пре 11 сати
A lot of those features were available on '60's American cars...just saying
dinoart246 Пре 11 сати
Volga hit city bus in Belgrade and roll it over. Try to do that with other cars. (it was somwhere around 1985-1986). Also, last time when I was in one, I remember it was more like driving in a boat. That thing eat bad road. Need to have bad road to test it.
Nikolay Klimchuk
Nikolay Klimchuk Пре 12 сати
GAZ 24-10 was often used as taxi because of decent trunk space and spacious back row. Similar GAZ-3102 was equipped and looked better.
Oh gosh Gee !!!
Oh gosh Gee !!! Пре 12 сати
As bad as the lada ???🤣
Alex Attitude
Alex Attitude Пре 13 сати
There was one ridiculous thing in this video - Doug. What an idiot...
Ivan Ignatov
Ivan Ignatov Пре 13 сати
Проклятые капиталисты!
Mr Jolly
Mr Jolly Пре 13 сати
It’s not that bad, no stupid electronics to go wrong, looks pretty cool.
Mark Weaver
Mark Weaver Пре 14 сати
14-02 Pills? + Russian?? = Cyanide✓
Bram Пре 14 сати
This is the car to be driven in in soviet Russia.
S. R.
S. R. Пре 14 сати
The strap on the back of the front hood is not cloth. It is a copper ground strap to ground the hood thus reducing ignition noise received on the AM radio. Many western cars from the period and earlier we also equipped with ground straps usually nearer the hinges.
Andrew Sutcliffe
Andrew Sutcliffe Пре 15 сати
Not really sure why you would want to mock the Soviet car. Remember that at the end of world war two the Russians had lost millions of their people and much of Russia had been destroyed by Germany. They were extremely worried about it happening again and scared that the Americans would invade or nuke them. They were broke and spent most the national income on a silly arms race. American on the other hand who had been absolutely broke and had suffered a massive depression in the years upto the war , suddenly became the worlds richest country overnight with the spoils of war. Thats why you were riding around in 50s cars that were bigger than a tank and about as practical.
Uwe Kall
Uwe Kall Пре 15 сати
I think the med kit is actually quite useful and interesting. In comparison to my 2CV built in 1989 the car is also a really luxurious vehicle. I had to add front seat headrests myself - though it already had rear Seatbelts. I would rather prefer Doug to show a little more interest in the world outside his own home country instead of laughing all the time and showing a great amount of ignorance. There are several countries on this earth that even today are not in a position to build a car at all. Just being born in a country that has a different situation should not make you ridicule anything. Very annoying behaviour.
Name Пре 15 сати
Those “pills” are activated carbon tablets. Intended to be used in case of food poisoning.
Adrian Clarke
Adrian Clarke Пре 15 сати
I’m surprised you’ve never seen that anti-dazzle feature on the rear-view mirror before. It’s been in many, many cars I’ve driven including an original Mini, two 2CVs, a Peugeot 504, a Peugeot 806, a Renault Clio, a Renault 5, lots of Mk.1 and 2 BMW 3 series... Maybe it’s a UK requirement to have them or something because they’re crazy common.
Jianu Flavian
Jianu Flavian Пре 15 сати
those pills are called Faringosept in Romanian and are used for a sore throat on a cold day ......
hurvinek6683 Пре 16 сати
"Sovietsky Mercedes"... :)
thedillestpickle Пре 16 сати
That "cloth strap" looks like a copper ground wire to electrically ground the hood to the frame, so that the small lightbulb mounted to the hood would have a ground connection. Pretty cool actually.
NobleOmnicide Пре 17 сати
Not sure why Doug was so surprised by "pills" in a first aid kit.
thefinalroman Пре 17 сати
Garage54 proves this wrong...
Eggert Snorri Ólafsson
Eggert Snorri Ólafsson Пре 17 сати
Fun fact I learned about this car back in the days ;) In specific era windshield wipers were unavailable in USSR for a very long time, so, if you came across a black Volga with windshield wipers you could be relatively certain that inside that car you had KGB agents ;) This was the official KGB car.
mumenzel Пре 17 сати
activated carbon was a real life saver when you drive in russia in the middle of nowhere out of civilization. you are funny guy, but not very bright and do not even try to learn cultural differences. medical box content was not standard, people were storing items they needed.
mumenzel Пре 18 сати
24-10 was restyle of old 24 volga. this car mostly was used by taxi cabs. such cars tend to be outdated. London cab car is good example of ancient car doing a good job. the real volga GAS model of that year was GAS 31 very modern luxury sedan and old GAS 24 was just given an upgrade taken from GAS 31
Matúš Mikula
Matúš Mikula Пре 18 сати
Man, you should see other "things" that were still being made in 1988 in East block... Things like Trabant, Wartburg, Škoda 105, Polski Fiat, those were literally cars from 1960’s ...
Andreas Bartel
Andreas Bartel Пре 18 сати
The car of the Stasi and KGB. Lots of them were in Budapest during the end of the East German regime. If it had an East German number plate it was Stasi. Their color of choice was black.
Dave A
Dave A Пре 18 сати
Those pills are probably iodine pills in case of a radiation/ nuclear breakout....
Papa VE
Papa VE Пре 18 сати
Its a good thing that Doug has never heard of Chevette, Pinto, Maverick, Omni, or a plethora of other "stellar" 70's and 80's cars here. They didn't even have a 1st aid kit...or much else. :)
One Down
One Down Пре 18 сати
I found the presentation more ridiculous than the car. No door pockets...horror? There was actually enough information here for about three or four minutes of video.
Kliman Khmeron
Kliman Khmeron Пре 19 сати
The Russians were smart enough they would never be as good as Germans, french, English, japanese, or Italians. They knew their grandkids gonna drive bentley, maybach, rovers and Lambos. These are most driven cars in russia after probably Dubai.
Martin Burke
Martin Burke Пре 19 сати
Dear doug or whoever you are why in the hell do you think it's contemporaneous to try to lampoon (Badly) an old soviet car that the rest of the world has known about for decades!! Could it be that you like the rest of your fellow country men are only just becoming aware of the outside world and are taking your first faltering steps in order to try to understand what goes on beyond the borders of your ignorant over fead nation if so dear boy try not to sound so satirical and overly pleased with yourself it only makes you sound like some over privaledged college boy who is trying to come to terms with his own inadequacies by lampooning things from other cultures!! ps doug Jeremy Clarkson does 10 times better and 20 odd years ago at that😊😊😊
Ivan Ignatov
Ivan Ignatov Пре 19 сати
white laughs at black 14:05
Raphael Rippinger
Raphael Rippinger Пре 20 сати
This is one of the best car reviews I have ever seen! WARNING: Do not watch at work! It might get your co-workers wondering what the hell you are looking at! :-)
Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw Пре 20 сати
Looks kinda like an early 60s falcon, but decades newer. I'd own it
Richard Bamforth
Richard Bamforth Пре 20 сати
Hi, I have worked in Moscow a few times, in the winter it gets to -25c however, the summers were absoloutly beautiful and well up to 30c. The reason why they did not update the cars is because cars are seen as tools, rather than luxury items. Therefore, keep the costs to an absoloute minimum allowing those that could afford one to be able to go buy one. Production was kept cheap on the understanding that it would be difficult to get a loan for the Russian public - unlike the PCP finance solutions enjoyed in the west. So the car did not have all the fancy stuff we enjoyed in the 80s however their costs were kept down. The west cars now have so much tech, the price of cars is just rediculous. The problem here is that the west started getting massive loans and finance for cars which were not seen as tools - hence the massive financial debts that the west now suffers from - people driving range rovers when they cant even afford a basic honda civic. There are lessons to be learned from our past communist friends. :)
Jonas Kirvaitis
Jonas Kirvaitis Пре 21 сат
In soviet russia the driver is man - man not look at mirror!
Rig Hauler
Rig Hauler Пре 21 сат
I just didn't get it. Why are you having so much fun out of it? Yes, indeed it was the best and the most expensive car in the USSR as well as GAZ-21 earlier. Just keep in mind that we lived behind the steel curtains for over 70 years, insulated from outside world. You have no clue what this is like. Majority of Soviets got real shock after 1991 when all borders got opened and along with freedom they got narcomania, prostitution, AIDS and other wonders of free western society. Hooray!
Jens Schmidt
Jens Schmidt Пре 21 сат
I don't think american cars from this era were much better :D
Rory Watkins
Rory Watkins Пре 22 сата
You miss spelled vulgar.
Walter N
Walter N Пре 22 сата
first aid kit was and is mandatory by law nothing funny about it
Alexei Cáceres
Alexei Cáceres Пре 22 сата
You'd be surprised of how common those are in Ukraine, moreover young guys love to get those an convert them into race or drift cars
You make me laugh.You know that the first kit aid and extinguisher are mandadory and provided with the purchase of vehicule in:for example Germany,Belgium,but you don't have pill.Dont you think it is a good idea? Maybe it is the only one interesting thing in this car.Good video
Alex Alex
Alex Alex Пре 22 сата
This....what are fuck is this?!
Laurent Corbellini
Laurent Corbellini Пре 22 сата
Drives you and your familly from A to B, easily fixable by yourself, good looking actually...
Rashid Khakimov
Rashid Khakimov Пре 23 сата
за такой обзор его бы на соловки
Ivan Ignatov
Ivan Ignatov Пре 13 сати
Ледоруб в голову!
Vade Nummela
Vade Nummela Пре 23 сата
Finally something that isnt just an ad for some modern suv
Vade Nummela
Vade Nummela Пре 23 сата
I take that back actually, after having a break from watching Doug for sometime, it only took me 8 minutes to realize Doug has become an insufferable snob from doing too many ads for big SUVs
TheGoQu Пре дан
My parrents were driven to their wedding in one of volga sedans in 1988. Back in the comunist poland it was a sign of the luxury and opulance, because people drove fiats 126p and the trabants as daily cars. Crazy times
THE3DXM Пре дан
I was subscribed to this moron, I liked his videos about cars. Not anymore after his ridiculous reaction to this car feature and aid kit, it feels more of a political view than a car review. Doug, you review cars great, but you can't just start judging the people behind the cars nor the people of the production country. Disgust is what I feel right now. Go to hell.
SsgtHolland Пре дан
The black pills are made of carbon, to help soothe your stomach, if you just ate a bad batch of borsjtsj. It was , off course, unthinkable that a worker would be late to arrive at the factory, because the assembly line waits for no one. That is why the clock was at the center of the dash instead of the speedometer. When the state has a plan economy with a 4 year cycle that is made out of stalinium, being on time is mandatory.
Pet Shop Boys Partnership
Pet Shop Boys Partnership Пре дан
DAMN!! Communism totally sucks!!!
Charles De Wit
Charles De Wit Пре дан
Maybe the 200km/h is the terminal velocity when you drop it from a cliff?
That Was Rad
That Was Rad Пре дан
My 1993 Mini is about as basic as that. Doesn't come with pills though.
Kevin Hoffman
Kevin Hoffman Пре дан
I think I just found my favorite Doug video. Once he started laughing I was in!
MonkeyDUI Пре дан
Socialism gave us some amazing cars didn’t it
as3284 Пре дан
Ok after the cx that couldnt turn this!! My dear friend these cars as all of the cars of this era were built for driving in Soviet Union in the 70s 80s !! You think an Audi could last for more than a winter in Siberia?Not to mention the road conditions! You think that American made cars in the 80s were better because of power windows ans power steering? Yeah right!
filippxxx Пре дан
Real soviet men do not need a rev indicator, the communist party would indicate you when to change gears through the driver's school. 😁
Adnan Abdillah Ghifari
Adnan Abdillah Ghifari Пре дан
@Doug DeMuro Keyless entry doesn't exist back then
Snowy Пре дан
Doug having fun with the car everyone needs to calm the fuck down, if you love it so much go buy one and review it
eat me!!!!
eat me!!!! Пре дан
I was 10 years old in 1988
QB89Dragon Пре дан
They did their best, Doug! You laugh, but they did their best...
Swar AL-Mahdi
Swar AL-Mahdi Пре дан
GAZ stands for Georgia Aftamat Zavod, which means Georgia Auto Factory. You may find MAZ trucks which stands for Moscowfoscia Aftamat Zavod. I am very familiar with Russian Vehicles.
Bartenn Пре дан
"looks like 1970 car" isn't it what car peopels want?
Benjamin Ciotti
Benjamin Ciotti Пре дан
Hey I know Eagle Rock and Glendale when I see it!
Horst Helge
Horst Helge Пре дан
For me, growing up in the GDR, I've always viewed Wolgas as the ultimate luxury sedan! .....but to be honest, in the 1980-s, I've never seen such an ancient one! I doubt that this was really produced in 1988 since those Wolgas looked a lot different...and much more spacier (ok, no rear seat belts and climate vents...and considering the cupholders, even FRG-cars didn't have them!^^)
royale with cheese
royale with cheese Пре дан
So basically in this video he's just immaturely laughing at the car and Soviet Union. Yes, it's a POS, but it got people from point A to point B when not everyone had access to buy better cars from the outside, or lived in luxury. Hope you enjoyed your laugh at the expense of those who lived through those times.
Bryan Earthloop240
Bryan Earthloop240 Пре дан
On the other hand ..... mouth to mouth CPR was taught over here in UK as recently as 2010 .......LONG after HIV- aids and hepatitis B got established.
Chainerlt Пре дан
4 years away from McLaren F1
Bryan Earthloop240
Bryan Earthloop240 Пре дан
Finger - sized condoms in the first aid kit iinstead of disposable gloves?
Joe .Mclendon
Joe .Mclendon Пре дан
A Little bit of drama there Bud....Much better than a Pinto or Vega or hornet or oh well , It's a basic automobile, so what
the best video ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Frank K
Frank K Пре дан
Seems more like an early 1960's car.
Tom Runesson
Tom Runesson Пре дан
This is why I don't subscribe to Dougs channel!!!
mac Пре дан
this is a great car in Brazil
Larry Gassan
Larry Gassan Пре дан
Wait til you get your hands on a Tatra.
Paul Albert
Paul Albert Пре дан
You say you never get diarrhea in a car in USA? So what what do you have in your fancy ass first aid kits?
shockwaive Пре дан
13:08 "Your stuff just kind of bops around and if it hits metal pieces well, then SOVIET" C'mon Doug, you missed a good opportunity there!
Tom S. E
Tom S. E Пре дан
The material is not that funny. Stop giggling. You're a grown man. By the way, put on some pants. You know, the grown up kind.
LoBoCoPonYouT Пре дан
Different times. Not really subject for comedy. especialy by a car journalist.
Carlos Пре дан
You can go to Cuba, there are a lot of Volgas over there.
Immanuel Kantholz
Immanuel Kantholz Пре дан
honestly, you made a complete fool of yourself with this video. not only do you reveal an almost usamerican amount of lacking education, you also were ridiculing people who were in precarious life situation because of the usa's dishonourable politics.
Boat Axe
Boat Axe Пре дан
5:53 “The Soviet logos were so ridiculous with their symbols of power”. Dodge Ram “Hold my antlers”.
Pet O
Pet O Пре 8 сати
literally cringed through the whole video, just bunch of weir stereotypes thrown around, 've been watching his channel for a while, but this was disappointing
Tomasz Stellmach
Tomasz Stellmach Пре дан
Black pills it’s actually carbon for... diarrhea 😂😂😂 well it might be very useful sometimes 🤣
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