The 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runner Is a Great Old-School SUV

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Doug DeMuro

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The third-generation (1996-2002) Toyota 4Runner is becoming an icon. Today I'm reviewing this third-gen 4Runner to explain why people love these so much. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of this 4Runner, and then I'll drive the 4Runner and let you know what it's like on the road.
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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro Пре месец
Fun fact: when I was in college, I had a friend who owned one of these. Years earlier, she had been messing around with friends and they rolled it over in wet grass. They got it back on its wheels and *drove it home.* She then drove it around - FOR YEARS - with dents on the roof but otherwise perfectly fine. I personally drove it 500 miles from Atlanta to Savannah and back, no issues.
Sage W
Sage W Пре 3 дана
Here in Colorado my buddy had 2 of the second Gen, rolled them both, both able to be flipped and driven for months.. buddy with a 3rd gen also had this exact story happen.
Reptile Disfunction
Reptile Disfunction Пре 11 дана
Sean Lara
Sean Lara Пре 17 дана
I have a very similar story with my first 3rd gen 4Runner haha.
Toyota Dude
Toyota Dude Пре 24 дана
@Edward Gloriani that's exactly what I have 😆😆😆
HJBold Gaming
HJBold Gaming Пре месец
There are still quite a few SUV's that can be bought with a manual transmission in the UK: Range Rover Evoque Land Rover Discovery Sport BMW X1 Mercedes GLA Audi Q3 Citroen C5 Aircross Volkswagen Tiguan Skoda Kodiaq Vauxhall Grandland X....
Miguel Salami
Miguel Salami Пре 6 сати
I rode my Unicorn to see this 4Runner it smelled like a fart inside so I passed😷
4by108 Пре 7 сати
Ahh so this is why the prices spiked suddenly.
JD Пре 8 сати
A Chrysler dealership selling a 4Runner is hilariously ironic. It was the most reliable car on that lot, by far.
Jerry Cannon
Jerry Cannon Пре 9 сати
Interesting video. Lots of Easter eggs.
Autoturisti Пре дан
These are so awesome. We bought one of these with almost 240k miles, and drove it from Portland to Panama and back to Honduras. It was still smooth as butter, and just needed regular maintenance. It only stopped when the next owner crashed it in Mexico. If only we had these in Europe, I'd buy them. (yeah yeah, I know, Hilux. But I want that sweet reliable gas V6)
George Burt
George Burt Пре 3 дана
Is this sped up? Doug you packed a lot of info in here very quick :D
chris p
chris p Пре 3 дана
a classic
Ross M
Ross M Пре 3 дана
Can't beat a 3rd gen. Period. 260K and running strong
Radsk8r Bigollies
Radsk8r Bigollies Пре 3 дана
277k on mine and literally have never had a single problem with it. I just put in new sparkplugs and had the fuel injectors cleaned for the first time ever just last week. V6 2003 2WD model. I can't say enough about the reliability. Truly has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.
Aiden Serrano
Aiden Serrano Пре 4 дана
Stop don’t drive up the price just give me one more year 😭
Kaizoch Пре 4 дана
The backseat doesn't have cold air controls because the windows roll down
ghost Пре 4 дана
I have one 99 4runner 4x4 auto , 261k miles no rust in Texas might be willing to sell it 🤔
Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson Пре 7 дана
When are you gonna do the 97-2000 Mercury mountaineer 5.0
Fentanyl Floyd
Fentanyl Floyd Пре 7 дана
‘05 4th gen with 265k OEM. These things are fucking amazing.
mikeatc Пре 7 дана
it is special very very rare...
Perry Reasch
Perry Reasch Пре 7 дана
this is big dollar $$$ rig
Kate O'Toole
Kate O'Toole Пре 8 дана
The Wayne Gretzky Of SUV’s!
bwichng1 Пре 8 дана
Love this 3rd gen!
FazerWazer Пре 9 дана
This car sold for $25,000 lol. Great car but so overpriced
victor o
victor o Пре 9 дана
My 322,000 mile 4runner still has those garage door opener pegs somehow
Matt Searls
Matt Searls Пре 9 дана
You're not kidding about them being popular in Colorado! Drove through on my way to Las Vegas and felt like I was in an alternate reality where all the vehicles were 4Runners. I was also driving my 97 4Runner there lmao!
Dwight Jackson
Dwight Jackson Пре 10 дана
The 4-cylinder was a 2.7 Liter. It had 150hp and 180 pounds of torque. With a manual transmission, Rear-Wheel Drive, on a ~3,300 lb vehicle, it was not "lethargic". I know because I own one, 302k, on original engine and transmission. Excellent car.
Theo Zank
Theo Zank Пре 11 дана
I was able to pick up a 2001 2WD SR5 with over 248,000 miles for $3,120 out the door from a local dealer. My brother still has his 1985 4Runner.
I write Checks at the grocery store. So?
I write Checks at the grocery store. So? Пре 11 дана
Now do a First Gen!!
Prof. Milk Dick PHD
Prof. Milk Dick PHD Пре 11 дана
90's tacoma guy here. I love everything about this video.
Nico 859
Nico 859 Пре 12 дана
I’m still rocking my 2002 sport edition with 203k miles and counting. Love it
Fishin' with Nic
Fishin' with Nic Пре 12 дана
If anyone's curious I drive a third gen with a 4 cylinder and the 0 to 60 is somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 seconds.
ryan07jeep Пре 13 дана
And those crystal clear glass headlamps
Ian Kovac
Ian Kovac Пре 13 дана
I have a 2000 4runner base model 2.7l 4 cylinder 5 spd supercharged if you want to drive it, and you are near colorado springs.
Aheitchoo Пре 13 дана
Real talk, that 4 runner or a 2002 VQ35 5speed pathfinder?
Gran Colombia
Gran Colombia Пре 13 дана
The "spoiler" dircts air down the glass to assist keeping it clean. Its functional.
Damien Coffey
Damien Coffey Пре 14 дана
Damn that's a clean 4runner!
Антон Пре 14 дана
Hey! Rear spoiler, made to drain dirt from the rear window, it hardly gets dirty with it)
Dirtydoggo69 Пре 15 дана
Jokes on you Doug, I still have the little pegs for the garage door opener.
Freddy Arancibia
Freddy Arancibia Пре 15 дана
Hey Doug..I think the 3rd spoiler was added to prevent the exhaust fumes to re-enter the cabin while driving in low speed or stuck in traffic..
nartnayr Пре 15 дана
had one of these as my first car in high school. i miss it everyday
Jraddd Пре 16 дана
Do you like these or the 80 series better?
D B Пре 17 дана
Still see these around town every now and then
Sean Lara
Sean Lara Пре 17 дана
One other thing Doug didn't mention. The 4Runners were only offered with a full leather interior on the limited model. If you wanted leather and a manual transmission, you had to pay a pretty hefty upgrade to the dealer for leather. Not a lot of people did this, so this particular vehicle is even rarer. I've done a full leather swap on mine with parts from the pick and pull.
Bassing Basics
Bassing Basics Пре 17 дана
A 4Runner with 27k miles is like a Chevy with 10 miles on it
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Пре 18 дана
Doug honestly sounds dumb as hell trying to say that only 5 percent of these 4 runners came with a manual. A lot of them did, the 2020 Tacoma’s still come with a manual if you want. Toyota has always been pretty big on them, and the automatic trannys in the past 2 generations of 4 runners before the one he’s reviewing, were all known for being shit. If you get a 4 runner pre 1997 everyone tells you to get a manual because the automatics slug, and can’t get out of their own way. So, when the third gen 4 runner rolled around (the one that dug is reviewing) Toyota knew that people weren’t very trusting of their automatic in the 4 runner. So Toyota actually offered them up until the 4th gen, which is years after the one in this video. Doug doesn’t do very much research sometimes because he just assumes we as viewers don’t know. However, he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t know shit about the 4 runners/ Toyota Tacoma’s legacy or very much about their factual history either. Kinda disappointing bc some of the stuff he’s saying just straight up isn’t true and it’s really hard to watch. Edit: I could point out a bunch of other errors with this video but another one that’s actually worth while is the fact he said he would imagine the 4 cylinder 4 runner was lethargic. Well, now he has an audience of a million people thinking that. When, it’s simply not the case, as long as you had the 2.7 4 cylinder hooked up to a manual transmission then they didn’t slug and weren’t slow at all. But, if you got them with an automatic, then yes they slugged. But, that has more to do with the transmissions. Which again, is another reason Toyota was still offering that 5 speed manual in the 3 third gen 4 runner. Dug just knows enough to have an idea of the situation but he doesn’t know the details and it comes off as really lazy and underprepared.
UnderFire MAF
UnderFire MAF Пре 18 дана
Ironically most of the "quirks and features" that you pointed out were added after the fact in the 1999 facelift. Don't discount the 4 cylinder 3RZ, they're just as potent and reliable as the V6. Definitely my preferred motor.
derek plevy
derek plevy Пре 18 дана
Quite literally the most reliable vehicle ever made and gets a 7 for “quality”...... I think it’s time to add a new category to the Doug score!
H. R. Puffnstuff
H. R. Puffnstuff Пре 18 дана
I dunno if I'd go that far but it's def a bench mark.
HADEON 89 Пре 18 дана
i got the circle nubs for the garage door opener 😎
Alex Frideres
Alex Frideres Пре 18 дана
Doug the type of guy to put milk in the bowl before the cereal
stf haha
stf haha Пре 19 дана
Great? The best
Sunny Puri
Sunny Puri Пре 19 дана
Still have my 3rd Gen 4Runner - 2001 287,000 Miles and going strong!!!
Rakshit Sharma
Rakshit Sharma Пре 20 дана
we have toyota fortuner in india, very popular and best selling in its class. wish they bring 4runner soon
Volleyball Videos
Volleyball Videos Пре 20 дана
Sold for $25,251 on 3/11/21. Cheers!
Assetto the 4Runner Pony - FHRC Brony
Assetto the 4Runner Pony - FHRC Brony Пре 21 дан
The 5VZ engine is the one we want? I thought 4Runner guys want the diesels?
yota for life
yota for life Пре 21 дан
I had a 2000 manual for about 6 months back in 2008 but got offered 5000 more then what I paid for it so I got a 2004 with a v8 that I jus recently sold now I have a 2012 sr5 4runner and a 2017 trd offroad tacoma
Max M
Max M Пре 21 дан
been thinking about getting one of these as my first car. thoughts?
Shift Automotive
Shift Automotive Пре 12 дана
get it if you like off roading. I have one for 140,000 miles and still going strong these things are a tank. They share the same chassis as the thundra toyota pick up truck
Swivilposter Пре 21 дан
Mine is a pos cuz it wasnt taken care of :(
logan doe
logan doe Пре 22 дана
I love old school compact SUV's and Trucks, Toyota is the king of them obviously, I've owned a 98 infinity qx4, I have a 99 blazer, and just recently bought a 2nd gen 4runner. There's just something about the 4runners that make them more appealing. Btw the 2nd gen has some funkyness to it that I love.
sangfong206 Пре 22 дана
miss mine dearly . Totaled it in a rollover
Peter Pollock
Peter Pollock Пре 22 дана
Just bought a 4runner and it still has all 3 circle buttons never even been removed😳
John Powell
John Powell Пре 22 дана
I have a 99 model with 240,000 miles and I not only have my garage door opener dots, the haven’t been snapped apart yet 😏
tolgay demir
tolgay demir Пре 22 дана
I Love Toyota
lastfanstanding999 Пре 22 дана
I've lived all across the United States and I thought I was the only person who wore a T-Shirt under my T-shirt and received allot of crap from many people for doing so, that and eating pizza with a knife and fork... excuse me !
lastfanstanding999 Пре 22 дана
4:15 Rear spoiler for road dust, snow, miscellaneous debris and fume control !
blitzer25 blitz
blitzer25 blitz Пре 22 дана
i have the Asian equivalent of this,the 2005 Fortuner. and it runs like it'll run forever.
ATLOffroad Пре 22 дана
Oh no. How can Mr. DeMuro himself not know what the spoiler does on SUVs with a roll down rear window!
David Hommel
David Hommel Пре 22 дана
The only thing I personally believe is a design flaw with the V6 is not necessarily the internal water pump, but more of the fact that the thermostat is housed IN the water pump. So if your thermostat goes out you might as well buy the entire kit with the water pump, thermostat, timing guides, and timing belt. The one and only plus side to that is that the motor is a non interference motor. So... there’s that I guess 🤷‍♂️
David Hommel
David Hommel Пре 22 дана
I have a 2000 4Runner Limited that mirrors this one’s condition. Wish mine was a manual, but I guess on some level it’s still a unicorn. My “circle things” for a garage door opener are still fully intact and in it’s proper location..
Will Myers
Will Myers Пре 23 дана
Being old means you get to drive your dream car from your youth. I have a 99 MANUAL transmission 4Runner HIGHLANDER (later renamed Sport) and I love it.
Will Myers
Will Myers Пре 23 дана
The spoiler is designed to blow air across the rear window to reduce accumulation of dust.
Anomize23 Пре 24 дана
Crazy how many I still see these driving around
RasTomas Stanford
RasTomas Stanford Пре 24 дана
Your scores were so weak. Come on D.
RasTomas Stanford
RasTomas Stanford Пре 24 дана
Why can't you ever do a POV of your driving. We can still here you talk. I would like to see the car and the road.
Deric000 Пре 24 дана
It's so top heavy
Jackson Virgil
Jackson Virgil Пре 24 дана
I have 2000 with the 5 speed, love these old SUVs
Ayden Dietrich
Ayden Dietrich Пре 25 дана
i’ve been driving one for about a year now, got rear ended at a red light and it’s totaled now :( best car i’ve ever had
Word Day
Word Day Пре 25 дана
so what's the price for this one?
John Paul Barrientos
John Paul Barrientos Пре 25 дана
Funny I had one just 4 years ago and somehow it feels so dated now. Way more classic. I’m getting my hands on another one and I really plan to keep it this time.
Chris Burger
Chris Burger Пре 25 дана
Missed quirk - two radio antennas - one power mast antenna and the passenger side rear cargo area glass antenna.
Ted White
Ted White Пре 25 дана
What can be done with the microphone sticking out of the dashboard next to the clutch button?
Jason Ablah
Jason Ablah Пре 26 дана
I had a 2001, great car but not for what they go for now. So overpriced.
kanastle one
kanastle one Пре 26 дана
They are all in el Salvador or middle east so if you are selling yours put it in a 5 digit ammount
darius andrews
darius andrews Пре 26 дана
Manual 4Runner? Eww.. That explains the low milage..
Neclar Пре 26 дана
Do a 🦎 review !!!
OB1 athome
OB1 athome Пре 27 дана
I’m really thankful for Doug for giving us that little demo, I really struggled to see how the rear window would work in terms of putting your shopping in
Angelita Bernadette
Angelita Bernadette Пре 27 дана
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Angelita Bernadette
Angelita Bernadette Пре 27 дана
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Need1e Пре 27 дана
I want to know what coffee he drinks.
Yee Macghyee
Yee Macghyee Пре 27 дана
98% sure that little compartment on the right is for a jack and tire iron. My 2015 Rav4 has one in the same spot, albeit a different orientation and size. Doubt it'll fit a bigger jack but it should fit one good enough for a quick tire change.
Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh Пре 28 дана
Doug, the rear spoiler is there to make sure the back window is dry if you were going to take a little item out of the back by rolling down the window.
Parker Bailey
Parker Bailey Пре 28 дана
My 3rd gen 4runner has 562,000 miles
DanyBoi Пре 28 дана
Some say Doug DeMuro was born with cargo shorts.
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4 Пре 28 дана
dang you didnt show where you winch down the spare tire carrier from the bottom of the truck.
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4 Пре 28 дана
Thanks for bringing the resale value up even more on our trucks. 😎
Jakov Brižić
Jakov Brižić Пре 28 дана
Out of all these videos and cars you reviewed, Doug, THIS is the only one I want. You kids can keep your Audis, BMWs, McLarens, Lambos... This is the dream.
American Hunter
American Hunter Пре 28 дана
This was my brothers first car and my seven year old little brother thinks the cup holder in the back is the coolest thing on earth
rah Пре 29 дана
I want one so bad
Nicholas Пре 29 дана
Cool but pretty soon none of these vehicles will even be obtainable without a small fortune thanks to content like this
Nicholas Kellogg
Nicholas Kellogg Пре 29 дана
My brother has a 2002 Supercharged SR5 with 245k miles and it still runs great! And much quicker with the supercharger👍
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 Пре 29 дана
I know a guy that has one with 300k on it and still runs great. Another great engine if you take good care of it... 5.7 hemi by dodge. My ‘03 ram 1500 has 205k on it and runs fantastic
Michael Пре 29 дана
How much did it go for
sporadic eel
sporadic eel Пре 29 дана
I've got a 98 SR5. I wanna get a similar year mustang instead, but this is doing fine as a daily.
SWITCH7425 Пре 29 дана
I have a similar car... daily driver in the same colour...with a little 2.7litre 3rz petrol engine.... tough car.... watching from Ndola Zambia 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
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